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Dubbyman presents Tribute to Larry Heard

About mix
“The first song that i remember by Larry Heard is “Bye, bye” around 1988. I had it mixed in a tape, recorded from a radio show and i loved it. The song said: “looking in my mirror..everytime…” yeah, i always sing in that part of the mixtape.

I was fifteen years old and i never knew the artist of that song because about that time there was really difficult to catch the information about music in general .But around the end of the 90’s I was listening a Mr.Fingers compilation in a recordshop from Barcelona and was really nice to discover that “Bye Bye” was a Larry production, so he was in my head since long time ago…but i didn’t know.

I am an obsessed record collector of all the material from Larry Heard , songs, remixes, productions..I don’t care… i want it all. Because i can feel that the work of Larry Heard is the evolution of dance. Not just the usual loops. It’s real music made it from the heart. This reminds me one day that i was with my man Kamu at home listening “What about this love” from Larry. We both were in silence but just with the look we were telling each other “oh man..this is pure cream…”

One day I was organizing my record collection and i stayed a while watching the shelf with the Larry stuff and i though “why not?, could be amazing to have a lot of hours of his amazing sound mixed together” And this is how started….and the result is almost 4 hours, divided in 2 sets with classic material, early remixes and some weird takes from the Larry legacy.

All the selection is taken from my old vinyl collection so please excuse if some of the tracks don’t have the best sound quality or even sometimes the record jump but like my friend Todd said “the source material i so great…” so the bad details will get eclipsed with the music.

So this is my deepest tribute to the one and only master.

Thank you, Larry just for make the difference. We all have so much to learn from you.”

Dubbyman April 2010.

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