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Dj and vinyl collector since the end of the 80´s, very influenced by the early electro and funk movement and grown up with the scene that was around him, mainly in his own town where the music enviroment was full of music because the american base installed in the 80´s. A town that even had their own funk temple, a super disco called Stones that was the own and personal “Paradise Garage” for him and so many other djs, dancers and music lovers in general. Funny that he couldn´t enter inside because his age, but that is another story). Well, we could say that he is one of those guys that was witness of the wake of the early use of the machines into funk and disco that later it became in what we know nowdays as House music.

Many mixtapes for friends and a couple of “situations” (we can´t call them “gigs” yet..) selecting music from his little collection and he realized in the middle of the 90´s and almost by accident that to play records for people is what he wanted to do and the feeling was strong enough to going deeper about collecting and play records in public as Dj Vertice as temporary name.

After several visits to local clubs spreading a combination of funk, breakbeats, house, dub, drum& bass and basically anything with groove in that freestyle way how he was educated, the life made one of those unusual turns and he starts to work in 2011 as resident dj in Freak, an underground party that was located in Stones, the club where he couldn´t enter when he was a teenager.

In 2002 he starts releasing music under the name Dubbyman, mixing dub reggae music with house influenced by San Francisco scene and labels like Grayhound and Workship records. In 2003 he creates with his little brother Javier (knowed as Above Smoke) their own record label called Deep Explorer, a platform to develop not only their own music but music from undiscovered artists like Anton Zap, Lady Blacktronica, Leo Gunn to name just a few.
But the label also have space for well recognized artists like Larry Heard, Ron Trent, Mike Huckaby, Kai Alce..and the list goes on and on.

Around 2004 he started a new project as a new residency in Sybaris Club, a lounge café where he could experience even more into jazz, soul and other genres in a chilled way unconstrained for the dance floor. In the meantime, he combines the lounge club with gigs for european clubs and goes two consecutive years to Sonar Festival (Barcelona) where he finds the most highly recognition , doing the warm up for Fat Freddy´s Drop mixing in a powerful way, dub and urban music in a powerful way. and sharing the booth with Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbes in his the second round.
The following years means a crazy “exploring time” to many clubs around Europe like:

Tresor – About blank – Holy House – Kleine reise -(Berlin)
Horse and grow – Bar a bar – Soho – Northern Purpose atthe camp – (London UK)
The Garage (Leeds UK)
The Deaf institute – Arthouse -(Manchester UK)
Busta Groove (Nottingham UK)
Studio 80´s (Amsterdam, Holland)
Conrad Sohm – Maw Lounge – Neptum Club – (Zurich)
Yolo club – Djoon (Paris)
Habeat store (Greece)
Massandra Yalta beach – Café Shu shu (Ukrania)
Joint adventures (Transilvania)
Nu Spirit Club (Bratislava)
Meltdown – Batti Batti Boat party (Malta)
Beyond house (Belgrado)
Café Shu shu – (Simferopol Ukrania)

In 2010 the people from Freerotation, the most underground festival until date called him to play two days join artists like Juju & Jordas, Jus-Ed, XDB or Sven weisemann between many more.

In 2011 Dubby fly to Chicago attending the call of Bjak, one of the usual artists on Deep Explorer, for a full tour where he played with artists like Specter (Tetrode music), Julio Bishop (Realdeeprecords), Brian Gardner (Soul foundation) and Daryl Cura (Eargasmic recordings)

2014 was a really important year as it represents his first contact with the South african people playing for them. An amazing and really hard travel which made him to visit more than 5 cities in one week playing for clubs and giving a masterclass for Red Bull Studios in Johanesburgo. The South African tour was a complete sucess and it really touched his heart to keep on doing music and playing for their followers.

Nowdays he still running the label Deep Explorer Music. After more than fifty records released betweeand Eps and remixes, he is about to release his first album in 2016.

Some releases…

Deep Explorer 02
Deep Explorer 09

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