GREGOR YAN - Jazz City Mini LP – Deep Explorer 39

A1 “Jazz City (Opening)”
A2 “Take #2″ (New Jazz Fakers reshape)
A3 “About love”
B1 “Strange Emotion”
B2 “Take #7″
B3 “Loud Silence”
Out of stock

OWEN JAY & MELCHIOR SULTANA - Subgroover EP – Deep Explorer 38

A1 “Subgroover”
A2 “Make Me Feel” (feat Mykle Anthony – Mike Grant´s Late Night mix)”
B1 “Here For You” (feat Mykle Anthony – Melchior Sultana remix)
B2 “Tesla”
Out of stock

AUJI INDUSTRIES - Primitive Reflex EP – Deep Explorer 37

A1 “Galant”
A2 “Parachute”
B1 “Moro”
B2 “Galant” (Man-Drake remix)

ALLSTARR MOTOMUSIC - Beauty & Simplicity EP – Deep Explorer 36

A1 “Messages From The Teacher”
A2 “It Slipped My Mind”
B1 “This Is The Night” (Anthony Nicholson Boogiejazzdelite mix)
B2 “Love Forever” (feat Dylan Ogle)

W&P HGG - Ultimate Gospel EP – Deep Explorer 35

A1 “Edit Gospel #5″ (original take)
B1 “Edit Gospel #4″ (Dubbyman remix)
B2 “Edit Gospel #1″ (Deep Explorer rework)

OFUREN - Mind Jazz Explorations EP – Deep Explorer 34

A1 “Ancestry” (Justin Subaquatic mix)
A2 “Mind Jazz Exploration” (Volcov aka Isoul 8 remix)
B1 “The Deepness (Ode To The Soul)” (Above Smoke remix)
B2 “Ancestry” (Man-Drake remix with Afrikan Sciences on the bassline) (Deep Explorer dark dub mix)
Price 10€

KEMETIC JUST feat TERRANCE DOWNS - Greener Remix EP – Deep Explorer 33

A1 “Greener” (Justin Subaquatic mix)
A2 “In The Morning” (Volcov aka Isoul 8 remix)
B1 “Greener” (Above Smoke remix)
B2 “Greener” (Deep Explorer dark dub mix)
Price 10€

ORION 70 / AYBEE / DOZIE - Sounds From The Void EP – Deep Explorer 31

A1 Orion 70 – “The Little King”
A2 Aybee – “In Every Way Feat Omega”
B1 Dozie – “Sensuality”
B2 Orion 70 – “Technoir”
Price 10€

LEO GUNN - Sea Changes EP Vol 1 – Deep Explorer 29

A1 Dancing With Dreams
A2 Come Down” (Deep Explorer edit)
B1 Open Spaces
B2 Quiet” (Dubbyman remake)
Price 10€

TRINIDADIAN DEEP - Vision & Sound EP – Deep Explorer 28

A1 Mind Fluid
A2 Vision & Sound
A1 Vision & Sound (Above Smoke remix)
Out of stock

RON TRENT / DUBBYMAN - Paradise Regained – Deep Explorer 27

A1 Ron Trent – “Paradise Regained” (from USG Vault tracks)
B1 Dubbyman – “Music Is Food” (Tribute To Prescription)
Out of stock

MALCOLM MOORE/BJAK - Love & Rhythm EP – Deep Explorer 26

A1 Bjak – “Rhythm Of Love”
A2 Malcolm Moore – “Love (A Perilous Thing)” (feat Debra Jones-Davis)
B1 Bjak – “Purple Fire”
B2 Malcolm Moore – “Love (A Perilous Thing)” (feat Debra Jones-Davis – Jenifa Mayanja remix)
Out of stock

BJAK / DUBBYMAN aka TWIN BEATS - DIP EP – Deep Explorer 25-2

A1 Do It Properly
A2 Water Walk With Me”
B1 “Do It Properly” (Larry Heard Fingers remix) (Deep Explorer remix)
B2 Outro (Larry Heard Fingers remix) (Deep Explorer remix)
Out of stock

ABOVE SMOKE / ERNIE - Four Suns EP – Deep Explorer 24

A1 Delicious Time
A2 Running
B1 Groovin You
B2 Funny Break
Out of stock

BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM - Electric Blues EP – Deep Explorer 23

A1 Where It Came From
A2 Inside You
B1 Message (Dubbyman remix)
B2 Message
Out of stock

BJAK - Blessing In Disguise EP – Deep Explorer 22

A1 Your Love (feat Janet Cruz – main mix extended)
B1 Your Love (feat Janet Cruz – Above Smoke remix)
B2 Free 2 Love
Out of stock

LEO GUNN - Rise & Fall EP – Deep Explorer 21

A1 Sunny Dispostion (Opening)
A2 Rise & Fall
A3 Untitled
B1 Dreamin (Specter remix)
B2 Lowdown
Out of stock

BJAK / JULIO BISHOP / ERNIE / KEZ YM / ORDELL - Beyond The Reef EP – Deep Explorer 20

A1 Bjak & Julio Bishop – “Fashion” (BC’s DeeperLuv mix)
A2 Ernie – “The Alcoholics”
B1 Kez YM – “Pebbles”
B2 Ordell – “The Blackholics”
Out of stock

W & P HGG - Future Gospel EP – Deep Explorer 19

A1 Edit Gospel No 3
A2 Long Play
B1 Sleep Scott Heron (feat The Lady Blacktronika – Deep Explorer edit)
B2 Especies De Chicago
Out of stock

Reggie DOKES / ERIC JOHNSON - The Golden Years EP – Deep Explorer 18

A1 Reggie Dokes – “Mother Africa”
A2 Eric Johnson – “In 2 Deep”
B1 Reggie Dokes – “Black Thoughts” (Dubbyman Deep In The Hole mix)
B2 Reggie Dokes – “Mother Africa” (Dubbyman Tribute mix)
Out of stock

ABOVE SMOKE - Time EP – Deep Explorer 17

A1 Forever In My Mind (feat Alton Miller)
A2 Elevation (feat Stereociti On Guitar)
B1 Burning
B2 Right On
Out of stock

The LADY BLACKTRONIKA / MATTSKI - Cocaine EP – Deep Explorer 16

A1 All These Good Feelings
A2 All These Good Feelings (Dubbyman & Above Smoke remix)
B1 You’re On The DL
B2 If Some Rain
Out of stock

KAI ALCE - Alpha Revisited EP – Deep Explorer 15

A1 Kzr Gruv
A2 Ooohhh!
B1 Ooohhh! (Dubbyman remix)
B2 Smoov Bumps
Out of stock

DUBBYMAN feat JUS ED - Strange Days EP – Deep Explorer 14

A1 Sunday Manifesto (feat Jus Ed)
A2 Les Vampires Bakalas
B1 Sunday Manifesto (Rick Wade Sunday Fear mix)
B2 Today, Brother
Out of stock


A1 S Ferguson & Marvin Belton – “I’m Here” (Piano mix)
A2 Specter – “Windtalker”
B1 Baaz – “Memories”
B2 Stereociti – “Track No1″
Out of stock

W & P HGG / DUBBYMAN - Cornuta Explorers EP – Deep Explorer 12

A1 W & P HGG – “Space Part II”
A2 W & P HGG – “Soulmarv”
B1 Dubbyman – “Rise Of Equality” (original extended mix)
B2 Dubbyman – “Rise Of Equality” (Piano Take beats)
Out of stock

The ASPHALT - 8 Mile Road EP – Deep Explorer 11

A1 Eight Mile Road (original)
A2 Eight Mile Road (Dubbyman remix)
B1 Eight Mile Road (Sascha Dive’s Seven Eleven remix)
B2 Eight Mile Road (Juju & Jordash remix)
Out of stock

Marvin BELTON / SCOTT FERGUSON / REGGIE DOKES / JUJU & JORDASH - Psychopark EP – Deep Explorer 10

A1 Marvin Belton – “Back To Africa”
A2 Scott Ferguson – “Dancing In Circles”
B1 Reggie Dokes – “Transformation”
B2 Juju & Jordash – “El Silencio” (Parte 1)
Out of stock

DUBBYMAN - Dubtroit EP – Deep Explorer 9

A1 Arrecifes De Coral
A2 Messages From The Dub (Mike Huckaby remix)
B1 Arrecifes De Coral (Nick Sole Clubbin’ Drive mix)
B2 Dinner With Cousteau
Out of stock

The LADY BLACKTRONICA / DUBBYMAN / ALTON MILLER / ANTON ZAP - Ocean Species EP – Deep Explorer Sampler Vol 2 – Deep Explorer 8

A1 The Lady Blacktronika – “It’s All About Survival” (I Heart Huckby mix)
B1 Dubbyman – “Jazz For May” (Alton Miller remix)
B2 Anton Zap – “Stop The Rain”
Out of stock

ABOVE SMOKE feat MARVIN BELTON - The Gathering EP – Deep Explorer 7

A1 Sweet Love (feat Marvin Belton – vocal mix)
A2 Sweet Love (Scott Fergusson dub remix)
B1 Desperatly In Love (Andre Lodemann Driftin Soul mix)
B2 Another Chance
Out of stock

MORE DIVERS - In The Abyss: Deep Explorer Sampler Vol 1 – Deep Explorer 6

A1 Dubbyman – “Acid Risotto” (Jaumetic remix)
A2 Oval Future Face – “La Puerta De Atras”
B1 Ernie & Tony Mass – “Oiseaux Sans Ailes”
B2 CGonzalez – “Revolution Is Done” (feat Dubbyman – Above Smoke remix)
Price 5€

DUBBYMAN feat HOHELUFT - Endtropia EP – Deep Explorer 5

A1 “Endtropia” (vocal with extra beats)
B1 “Endtropia” (Above Smoke remix)
B2 “The Electric Days” (dub vocoder)
Price 5€

ABOVE SMOKE - Hysteria EP – Deep Explorer 4

A1 Hysteria
A2 Minimal Time
B1 Hysteria (Dubbyman remix)
B2 Feel To Learn
Price 5€

GAUSS CONTROL - Broken Home – Deep Explorer 3

A1 Broken Home
A2 Shave The World
B1 Free Charles
B2 No Subject
Price 5€

DUBBYMAN - Icarus (remixes) – Deep Explorer 2

A1 Icarus (Loudeast remix)
A2 Icarus (Above Smoke downtempo mix)
B1 Icarus (Tempostep remix)
B2 Icarus (Robert Calvin remix)
Price 5€

Rob PAINE - Excerpts From The Past – Deep Explorer 1

A1 Excerpts From The Past
B1 Excerpts From The Past (Dubbyman remix)
B2 Excerpts From The Past (Dubbyman Soul Take beats)
Price 5€

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