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Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago the island of music and culture, He fell in love with music at an early age. Coming from a musical back ground, his father was a huge jazz and oldies fan and my mother was classical music fan. He Left Trinidad to Canada for school in graphics where
the music was different but felt this is something amazing. He was introduced to house parties and warehouse parties at an early age where one day dreaming of manning the decks. One day tuning into a radio station heard this music called house and was blown away. That following day he went to meet the dj who was playing that music. He started working at the local record shop called Play De Record and became part of that radio station CKLN 88.1FM Fearedit radio show for many years. Being part of a huge house music city he started djing at house parties and after hour’s events and drove himself deep into the music. One day he was lucky to meet Ron Trent playing at a party and had an amazing conversation with him. This man took me under his wings and taught me everything. I spent countless hours in the studio with him showing me is craft. After awhile I told him I want to start creating my music and get in to production. I would send countless demos for him and he would be very hard on me and said tap into your roots and where you from. One day he went to visit him in Chicago and gave him a demo, he was freaking out and said this day forth you will be in prescription and I will make sure you will get your style out. To this day he thanks him for his time and teachings. Osunlade also took his time as well to help him along with his support. He has been in the States as well djing and producing music and perfecting my craft.

To this day he has a lot of people to thank my Mother,my Father Lord rest your soul dad I miss you the Lee Ah Yen and Pantin Family my new angel in my life Angelique Reeve, the man above God himself. His roots & religion of Yoruba and being part of that life has taken his music to another level and will continue to grow every day. He has had numerous releases on Seed records with Brad Ford James Mikki Afflick on SoulSunSoul Records, Lion1Music, DeepNSound, Future Vision records, King Street Records, City Deep Records and Also DNH Records as a part of the Black Action Committee.
He has also had the pleasure to work with Carlos Mena (Ocha Records), Bodhhi Satva (Offering Records), Osunlade (Yoruba Records), Ezel, Ron Trent, Stephen Rigmaiden, Jay Tripwire (Tonality), Lars (Deeper Shades) just to name a f

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